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Our Mission

Why we need to be more socially-savvy 


In the space of an hour there are typically more adversarial twitter postings than all of our communal institutions and members can muster in a month.  Anti-Semitism is being played out in social media but sadly, the Jewish community isn't even on the playing field.


Through the deft use of social networks, anti-Semitic propaganda can be accurately targeted at broadcasters, the print media, journalists, politicians and other influencers within seconds of an event occurring,  giving racists vital ‘first mover advantage’. Uniquely, social media has the ability to reach hundreds of thousands of people within a few hours, fanning the flames of anti-Semitism.


Many of our most able community members have watched helplessly on the side lines, aware of growing anti-Semitism but unable to respond.  


So our mission is simple; To help close the social media gap by giving our community members the training and tools they need to play a full and effective role in social networks.




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